AppSense Personalization – StartUp Pack
AppSense Personalization – StartUp Pack

This StartUp Pack was designed to support enterprises while initially implementing AppSense Personalization. It includes the service necessary to integrate a redundant AppSense Environment into your IT infrastructure.
We apply proven best practices and customize the installation to your environment.

Getting started with Personalization in a quick and reliable way.

AppSense Personalization – StartUp Pack ($4,999)

XenApp™ / XenDesktop® – Performance Analysis
XenApp™ / XenDesktop® – Performance Analysis

We assess your environment and give you detailed instructions on how to increase the performance of your farm. Our assessment includes measurements of (technical) Key Performance Indicators and results in an excellent documentation including network diagrams, tables and suggestions on how to improve performance in your environment.

Find out about bottlenecks in your XenApp™ / XenDesktop® farm the easy way.

XenApp™ / XenDesktop® – Performance Analysis ($1,999)

VMware vSphere – Update Pack
VMware vSphere – Update Pack

Upgrade your vSphere farm to the newest version the fast and safer way.
This Update Pack was designed to support enterprises while updating their existent vSphere farms.

VMware vSphere – Update Pack ($3,999)

Our Philosophy

TEMPERO, a specialized Service Integrator, focuses on increasing efficiency and simplifying IT infrastructures. TEMPERO’s consultants specialize in virtualization technologies and hybrid clouds.
TEMPERO partners with leading technology providers like AppSense, Citrix, DataCore, Microsoft and VMware. Our Hybrid Cloud solutions are based on AWS, Azure, Egnyte, Office 365, Okta and Windows inTune.

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